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A tavola non si invecchia ...

Pull up a chair, grab a plate of pasta and scoop up that leftover sauce. Italians focus on the pleasures in life and when you’re at the table, life is at it’s finest.

Let us help you enjoy life to the fullest!

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Brands we carry ...

Over many years, we have developed relationships with top brands that care about quality as much as we do.

We are committed to the brands we represent and will continue to bring new and exciting products into the marketplace.

Italcan Imports Inc. takes pride in exceeding the expectations of all our retailers and their customers as we continue to grow.


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Hot Off The Press ...

"A celebration of the symphonies of everyday life; so Moak , a leading company in the coffee roasting and distribution sector, created the line - My Music Coffee - in which each blend is inspired by a different musical genre."

Rolling Stone Magazine, 2021

"MasterChef Italia wanted to bring Granoro 's fable to the pantry of the eleventh edition of the program, a story made of Puglia, love, tenacity and tradition; values ​​that it uses every day in the creation of its products. Granoro chooses only 100% Apulian durum wheat of excellent quality, the result is an elastic and fragrant pasta with a golden-yellow color typical of durum wheat golden in the sun."

MasterChef Italia, 2022

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